Dreamers and Deviants: The Second Three

Dreamers and Deviants is a series of short stories with two arcs. The first being TK Charles’ struggle to transition from a meathead Division One jock to write and publish a novel. During time spent reflecting on the present he works through personal issues like meeting women and scrounging for food and income. The second arc revolves around memories spurned by his observations of everyday life. These memories include stories from his years working for Fortune 500 companies, running at a major Division One university and past love and heartbreak. Dreamers and Deviants is an apt title as TK Charles and his crew living at “The Compound” struggle with their life paths. They debate whether to continue their banking, teaching and engineering jobs and shuffle along with the queue of The American Dream or throw it all away to pursue their personal dreams of developing iPhone apps, writing novels and becoming photographers. The stories will be released every two weeks on a Monday in groups of three or four. Dreamers and Deviants – The Second Three consist of stories about TK’s move to Miami after graduation, his return to Des Moines and his dependency on drugs and alcohol to survive his budding corporate career. He eventually quits it all in the final story and moves to New Zealand to pursue his passion of writing. It begins, though, with a mind opening trip that TK didn’t see coming. The trip allowed him to see the next progression to his writing and revealed some valuable personal demons and saints along the way. Watch for The Third Three of Dreamers and Deviants to be released on August 26, 2013.

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