Neoprene Pouch for The Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer (Black)

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Zupercharge Your Polaroid ZIP Mobile PrinterĀ 
Your Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer and you. Constant companions on a journey, you have braved insurmountable challenges and shared joy and sadness. It is now time to look after your trusted companion with Zupercase.

The Zupercase for The Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer is designed as an utilitarian yet aesthetic case. Improving on the previous design, Zupercase has updated the profile and performance of the latest Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer case. As a result the Zupercase is now slimmer to hold and handy to carry around. It also protects your Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer from scratches and bumps, and its pocket will store your useful cards and cash, keeping them safely secured. The included wrist and neck straps further enhance user comfort and convenience by allowing you to enjoy photo prints on the go.

The Zupercase is for discerning Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer users. Unlike other cases available, you get a lifetime warranty guarantee. We will replace your Zupercase, no questions asked, if it ever breaks. This makes the Zupercase a smart purchase and even better gift idea for those who know they are buying a quality product.

Why You Will Enjoy Using Zupercase:
– Top quality build efficiently guards against scratches
– Slim, sleek, and compact; perfect for carrying anywhere
– Made of high-grade neoprene material
– Fashionable and functional
– Comes in a variety of colors (black, pink, red, grey, blue)
– Quality construction fits your Polaroid mobile printer perfectly
– The only Polaroid case with a lifetime warranty

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