Wireless Bluetooth Extendable Foldable Pocket Remote Shutter Selfie Self-timer Monopod Stick for iPhone Samsung Sony IOS 5.0 Android 4.2 Smartphones GoPro SJCAM Xiaomi Yi with Back Scratcher

Features:Wireless bluetooth remote control, you can use the remote shooting function to take continuous shooting and capture any moment.Extendable monopod, adjustable length from about 17 to 70cm, meeting your different needs.The width of the phone holder is from about 5.5 to 8.0cm, fits for most smartphones.You can also use it with your sport camera, such as for GoPro SJCAM and Xiaomi Yi ect.(The remote control function is not suitable for the sport cameras.)The system is very stable, more convenient and easier to use.With non-slip handle and wrist strap for better protection.Equipped with a USB cable for charging the monopod.Comes with a back scratcher to allow you to scratch your back without asking people for help.Usage:1 Press the button for about 3 seconds to turn on the remote control switch and you can see the blue light.2.Turn on the mobile phone bluetooth, and search for new device Freewalk, then pair and connect.3.Open the phone camera software to take photos after the pairing and connection is completed.4.For IOS and most Android phones can take pictures in the default mode by pressing the remote shutter to control camera directly.5.Some Android phones cannot use the remote shutter to control the built-in camera directly, you need change some settings of the camera software, steps like this: camera settingsvolume key functionschoose shutter rather than zoom.6.If the wireless bluetooth remote control function can't work well with your built-in camera, please scan the two dimension code at the package and download the new camera software.
List Price:
Price: 10.50